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                       Christy Boilers refurbishes all types of:
                 • Steam Boilers
           • Autoclaves Industrial Steam
     • Pressure Vessels.
 • Air Receivers


We maintain all Fire Tube Steam Boilers and Parts on:
• Autoclaves Industrial Steam
• Steam Reticulation Systems
• Tanks
• Water Treatment Plants
• Boiler Feed Water Pumps.

We perform monthly boiler optimization inspections.

Products & Sales

• All types of reconditioned steam Boilers
• Water Treatment Plants
• Feed Water Pumps
• Feed Water Tanks
• Autoclaves Industrial Steam Industrial Steam
• Steam Equipment
• Sourcing of boilers for reconditioning to suite client's needs.

Products & Sales

Christy Boilers comply with all best practices and statutory requirements of our trade including:
• Annual & Tri-Annual Inspections
• Boiler Preparations
• Boiler Installations
• Autoclave Industrial Steam Certification
• Steam Installations & Systems.

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Why Christy Boilers ?

We Guarantee our workmanship
We ensure that your boiler is registered with the Department of Manpower
We ensure that you receive your registration certificate for your boiler
We ensure that your boiler is legally compliant
We check that your boiler is running at maximum steam efficiency
We perform steam reticulation optimization checks
We issue you with your full AIA reports

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